Forex Megadroid How do I use it?

Forex Megadroid How do I use it?
Hey guys!

I bought the Forex Megadroid Automated System thingy, but I dont know how to configure it, does any here have Forex Megadroid, and can like explain to me a brief tutorial on how to configure and start trading with Forex Megadroid.

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Answer by Mike
That is a question for the people who sold it to you. Hit their customer service, if there is one. And good luck using it. You’ll need it. And a prayer, too.

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  1. Fx (November 24th, 2013 at 5:25 pm)

    Trust me, no automated system will work in the long run. Else everyone is rich now. Furthermore, if I have such sure win system, there’s no logic I will sell it.

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