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Forex: What is the most profitable periodicity?

Forex: What is the most profitable periodicity?
What is the most profitable way to trade forex? Short term, like holding a position for a few minutes and sell, medium term trading like holding a position for a day, or long term holding a position for a week.

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Answer by tonnie
The 1 hour and the day timeframe

The day timeframe is quite accurate if you catch a trend it can last for some weeks and you don’t have to look at the charts all day, only once a day. The only thing with trading day timeframe you cannot trade more than 10 % of your account.

If you want to trade short term the one hour is also quite accurate, it gives less signals than the shorter timeframes and you can look at the charts once an hour, and you can hold your trades for few hours. The 1 hour timeframe is good to catch the daily trend.

The most profitable way of trading forex is to use a trading system, which is just a set of rules used to guide you when to enter and exit a trade. If you want to learn how to come up with your own trading system:

If you are just beginning the best timeframe to start with is the hour its not too long or to short. The hour timeframe won’t generate too many signals like the minute timeframes will and at the same time you don’t have to wait a long time for signal to trade.

Another way you can increase your profitability is to use 2 timeframes for trading, if you are trading on 1 hour you can check with the day timeframe so as to confirm you are trading with the direction of the trend, If the direction of the day is the same as that of 1 hour your chances of making a profitable trade increase. To learn multiple timeframe trading:

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