how do i jump in the stock market or mutual funds or Forex?

how do i jump in the stock market or mutual funds or Forex?
Hi I’m ready to start with financial planning and investments,
So i opened up a brokerage account via trade king
I want to start small maybe 300.00 the most 1000
should i get a mutual fund or get small stocks or a CD ?
what should I do ? and any ideas on where to put the money ?
Is Forex a cheaper alternative ?

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Answer by Cristobal
forget small stocks, forget penny stocks, FORGET CDS and mutual funds. are u crazy?

u need leveraged low risk derivatives . you need to stay with stock options and fx…both highly leveragable and easy to trade with fast results in short time….

just buying a stock outright with 300 USD?? right now you need leverage. derivatives=leverage you need to get a mentor and study for yourself. be careful when someone says u cannot get rich quick.

Many liars and just marketers also. would want to steal your money. You stick to a mindful strategy that makes the market COME TO YOU.

You need to understand market correlation. and cycles. Very simple stuff. Never believe the lie that investing is impossible. If you know what youare doing , you will be fine.

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  1. Octo (October 22nd, 2013 at 9:43 am)

    Hi Sandra,

    You can’t invest with $ 300 or a $ 1,000 in the stock market or mutual funds. Fees and commissions will make you lose money.

    Try playing with the Forex market (although remember that the forex market is a zero sum game, the stock market is not, see: )

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