how often do forex currency pairs change?

how often do forex currency pairs change?
Im new to forex and still using demo account , when i see currency pair statistics on metatrader or webtrader like eur/usd its 2 days ago on 22feb while today is 24feb , i thought its changing by the minuite but its not , so how often do changes show up?

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Answer by Common Sense
It won’t change on a weekend (or at least until 5:00PM. Sunday EST). Trading stops late Friday afternoon.

Shares change, depending on how many people are trading it. A demo account will give you little help in evaluating your potential in Forex, simply because it doesn’t reflect liquidity, as well as other reasons.

I would suggest taking a few years and learn trading in something easier than Forex. Stocks are much easier to make money in (easier, certainly not easy). Why anyone would pick something as hard as Forex to start in… is beyond me. I can tell you that brokers in this industry stretch the truth by leaving a lot of information out. Training by the brokers is a joke since it usually only concentrates on Technical Analysis and leaves out the importance of psychology and risk management. Some of the broker courses may only take a week or two to complete. Usually, years are needed to learn and develop your own strategies.

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