I want to make a group who are working in Forex. How can?

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I want to make a group who are working in Forex. How can?
I am from Bangladesh. Occupation: Business. Very new in Forex tread. it’s really good job, should be intelligent. If we can make a group to help together, I think we all are benefited.

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Answer by IIAF
In Yahoo!Groups you can create a group. Visit the following groups created by Bangladeshi users and see how you can have your own group with you as the Moderator. It’s very simple task.


After you have set the group say ForexTrade_bangladesh@yahoogroups.com then you start inviting friends or colleagues of similar interest to join the group. And then you can do so many things with this group that you will find it rewarding. It’s free to create and manage Y!G.

You can also have FaceBook account and add people’s email as invitation to join your group. This is much advanced forum than the Yahoo!Group. This is also free of cost.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Mamtaz (January 9th, 2014 at 1:01 pm)

    really nice idea .I think that you can be successful . By group work and group discussions you may learn and do quickly anything.

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