Whom is the best FOREX company in Britain for a beginner trader to work with?

Whom is the best FOREX company in Britain for a beginner trader to work with?
As I hear Britain has the best safe-guards in place for FOREX traders at all levels. Since only a very small number of traders worldwide are successful in building great wealth through FOREX.

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Answer by Jahfus Jakel
You can try Oanda.com,

can check for tips *** www.hatiara.com***

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  1. Asia forex Mentor (December 29th, 2013 at 2:03 am)

    Yes oanda is a good forex broker.

    But before you jump into forex trader, do note if you intend to jump right in without getting your forex trading knowledge first is suicidal.

    In forex trading, price action is king. It is what that leads forex indicators.

    Asia Forex Mentor,
    Ezekiel Chew

  2. mei You (December 29th, 2013 at 2:36 am)

    you can get some automated software to trade on a demo accout with play money.
    fore the place for FOREX traders http://www.forexsystema.com/

  3. mark mc donnell (December 29th, 2013 at 2:49 am)

    I can work with you if you want, here is a set of five award winning articles on the spot forex, totally free, its like an ebook. These articles are illustrated and it explain from A-Z how to fully comprehend the forex, it will get you started down the right path:


    When you are done with this check out this link to a set of screenshots to my entry management system called The Forex Heatmap. Its a real time visual map of the market that tells you which pair to trade. Click on each image to expand.


    The trading signals are documented in over 300 tweets here.


    Look forward to having you trade the forex the same way hundreds of people now do without the use of garbage technical indicators. SImple trend indicators and a solid entry management system.

    Good Trading
    Mark Mc Donnell
    Yahoo Answers Level 3 Responder

  4. Nik Rossi (December 29th, 2013 at 3:19 am)

    That’s difficult because there is no such thing like the best broker. It all depends on your needs.

    As a beginner you could go for OANDA. They are not British but are registered with U.S. commodity futures trading commission (CFTC). They are offering their forex brokerage since 2001 which is very long in the forex business. You have very good spreads (<1 pip in EURUSD) and can open a beginners account as small as 100$ (I think) to try out the business (tip: you can open a demo account too. Search for FxGame in the menu). Obviously there is a negative point too: their software sucks (just my opinion). It's just a Java application and this was the main reason why I switched to another broker when I started in the business 6 years ago.

    In Britain you can go for GFT. Their dealbook360 software is ok (not great but better than the java plattform of OANDA). They are in the market for a "very long" time too and offer fairly competitive spreads.

    However, I prefer the Metatrader-Software (in the retail business), so I would go for a broker who offers this trading software. I had very good experience with Alpari U.K. You can open a mini account with just 200USD.

    If you want to open a small account just for training purpose very uncomplicated you can go for an offshore broker too (but consider there is no regulation at all). I can recommend FXOpen.

    However, these are all bucket shops (if you don't know what it means look it up). If you get serious in the business you have to look for an ECN Broker. And don't go for the highest leverage. You don't need it if you have proper money management.

    Nik Rossi

  5. ONLINEFOREX.COM (December 29th, 2013 at 3:31 am)

    u can take a look in http://www.forexpeacearmy.com where you will find so many brokers and traders reviews and ratings for all the platforms. im sure u will find the right one for yourself.
    also you can automate your trading too.for best tips and advice to that u can check http://www.onlineforexinfo.com.
    if you are a beginner i would suggest you open a demo account first and learn on that until your comfortable and also automate your trading but try it on the demo first to see what works for you.
    best of luck!
    regards zak

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